Seattle Children’s Livable Streets Open House June 23rd

Are you interested in learning more about the  Seattle Children’s Livable Streets Initiative? Head on down to their open house at Gould Hall on Saturday, June 23rd and find out what they’ve been up to.

The first phase of  the project will begin this summer:

“We’re excited to see our collaboration with the community and the city of Seattle enter this new phase and look forward to the great improvements that are on the way,” says Paulo Nunes-Ueno, who leads transportation planning at Children’s. “These projects will make the neighborhood more walkable and bikeable, but also healthier because they’ll help people stay active and reduce pollution by providing an alternative to driving.”

Our family is definitely looking forward to these improvements. We bike to various doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments with offices located  in the neighborhood surrounding Children’s. Until these improvements are complete, you will see us shamelessly riding on the sidewalk. We can’t wait to safely ride in the road with our kids!

 – Anne

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