(R)evolutions per Minute (a cargo bike documentary)

Grab a cup of coffee and take 8 minutes and 33 seconds to watch this trailer for a new documentary being created about cargo bikes.

More on the project here:

Do you love your cargo bike? Has it changed your life? Your family? Your town?
Join me in producing an authentic crowdsourced document of a cultural revolution in progress. I’m seeking submissions from cargo bike folk all over the world to combine in the form of a feature length documentary. Send me your video, audio and photos by uploading to Youtube and emailing me a link. More info at http://www.lizcanning.com. Watch the trailer, visit my site, send me an email and learn how to become a co-director!

via Matthew

 – Anne

13 responses to “(R)evolutions per Minute (a cargo bike documentary)

  1. Nice! I like the super quick shout-out to your blog! Looking at cargo bikes on the internet has recently become a pastime for me and I’m sure you know what that means… pretty soon I won’t be able to help myself!

  2. Anne,

    I’m greatful for the link back to my blog! I believe we are at the start of the bike revolution in America. Not just cargo biking but biking for transport rather than pleasure (even though transport via cycle can be pleasurable!). The economy of today has people searching for alternate transportation and the humble cycle that has been around for a 100 years is the answer. As I type this I’m sitting at the San Antonio bicycle mobility comittee meeting. It is clear that out city is moving away from a car only mindset. Thank you for your blog it has been inspiring and soon I hope to commute the 9 miles to work via my newly purchased (used) Yuba Mundo version 1. Thanks again for sharing your life with your readers and for the link back to my blog. There is a growing movement here in San Antonio. Within the past month I’ve see 2 yuba Mundos and one extra cycle! (please note this comment was typed on an iPhone I can’t be held responsible for a auto-text!!)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to see what stuff Liz gets and puts together. Is it time to bust out the Flip video here in New Haven?

  4. Rad!! I’ve got a little project going that will get a lot of attention around here, I should borrow a video camera and give moving photography a shot 🙂 thanks for the link!

  5. yes, yes, yes. About time we start to realize bikes and biking is not just a sport. Utility Cycling is all about using the bike in our everyday lives – in all kinds of ways – to me, at least.

    I couldn’t imagine riding my bikes every day to work without racks and fenders – heck even a chain guard would be nice! Too bad we have to ‘add’ these things today, as they came standard years ago when bikes were just another great way to get around in everyday life.

    If I cargo bike or Extracycle shows up in my local area on Craigslist or something…you can bet I’d grab it and never look back!

  6. great trailer, although I found the statement that a cargo bike would “save your soul” a little off putting. Someday I’m going to see my demographic on a bicycle. What’s it going to take to get Grandmother & Grandfather on a bicycle? btw all the previous comments are excellent.

    • Super good points, Marge. The offputting part really rings true in this case. Of course, I don’t think I’ve found a bike movie (or manifesto or club for that matter) that works for me 100%. There’s always lots of people looking at the world through their own rose-colored glasses and spouting off the true path to cycling riotousness. Sometimes it’s kind of annoying. And then I remember how I’m actually a lot closer in values to the riotous folks — just based on our willingness to move beyond the car. So I make an effort — even if they initially bug the crap out me!

      As for the Grandmother and Grandfather question: if I understand the premise of the crowd sourced movie, that could be your ticket to fame. Maybe a mini investigation of the topic? I’d love to see that segment sandwiched in-between a clip about smelly hippy cargo bike music fests and another showing Marin, CA moms making their Montessori child drop off. Nowthat would be an inclusive bike film!

  7. Great video link – thanks! I feel my threshold for an electric assist dropping…

    • I know. electric assist tempts me most in the winter when the kids don’t feel like riding and we still need to get them where they need to go.

      Maybe I’ll electrify the tandem?

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