Kickstand Campaign

Thanks for bicycling in our city! stickers left for us in U-district. Kickstandcampaign.con
We found these stickers on our bikes today (outside of Goodwill in the U District).

When we got home, I looked up and found this blurb on their About page:

…I heard about a spot in Copenhagen where the city had written “Thank you for bicycling in Copenhagen” on a bike grab bar (yes, they have “courtesy” bars for your feet and hand so you don’t have to get off your seat at stop lights!).  When I heard this I was filled with appreciation.  I thought, “Hey!  These guys get it.  They appreciate that I am out here on my bike instead of driving a car!”  This one little gesture, these few words, had a huge impact on me.  So, I thought, “I’m going to steal this idea”…. and, well, here we are….

That feeling of inspiration and call to action is familiar: Tim and I decided to ride everywhere (and start this blog) after we got back from a trip to the Netherlands in 2007.

We weren’t able to shake that feeling of ease and freedom we experienced while cruising around the city on bikes. Awestruck by the sheer number of people (from all walks of life) who go about their business every day on bikes, we decided to give it a try at home.

We returned to Seattle and started riding everywhere. And here we are, four years later. …

It really is the simple things that inspire people to make small changes in their lives. And sometimes those small actions make a huge difference.

So thanks, Keasa! I appreciate the stickers. I’ll get some and pass them along.

 – Anne

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  1. nice!

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