Biking to School in the Rain (don’t be a wimp, mom)

IMG_2358We woke this morning to the sound of raindrops pounding the roof and splashing the windows. So hard to accept after the lovely sunny and warm weekend. Yesterday we were at the beach and there were kids in their skivvys playing in the sand and dipping their tiny toes in the Sound. We slathered on sunscreen and sat in the sand eating pizza and drinking beer out of plastic cups (and talked about how summer had arrived).

And today we woke to rain. Really? On day one of Bike to School Month? Can’t we catch a break?

I was ready to ditch the bike-to-school-plan and walk instead. (We only live 5 blocks from school, it’s easier to walk). But we _are_ the organizers and during Bike to School month, we ride.

Plus my second grader was NOT going to let me wimp out this morning!

I was already making excuses as we packed lunches and finished breakfast.

Me: It’s really raining out there, the gutters are overflowing

2nd grader: Do we need rain pants, mom?

Me: We don’t have to ride today, we can “count” our trip to Ballard yesterday

2nd grader: Will you find my rain pants, mom?

Me (to myself): he’s not going to let me out of this, is he?

No, he is not.

Alright, rain pants and rain jackets and seat covers it is, let’s get going or we’re going to be late.

And so the month begins.

The kids keep us honest and don’t let us make excuses. And we ride bikes in the rain and we smile and laugh. We get a little wet, but it’s only rain, we can handle that.

Did you ride your bike today?

 – Anne

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5 responses to “Biking to School in the Rain (don’t be a wimp, mom)

  1. So sweet. What a good boy! I rode too.

  2. We rode, but didn’t realize there was a bike to school month!

  3. Great story… Good for ya’ll. My son is grown now but I did all my running around town on my bike today. This included bringing home 3 steel storage cabinets and shelf unit by bike. Keep up the good posts.

  4. “I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling. I’m happy again!” Isn’t great how your kids keep you honest. 🙂

  5. Good for your son and you!

    My older daughter, now 12, is less enthusiastic about riding to school than when she was younger. Part of the reason is that she has outgrown her old bike, and we have yet to replace it with one that is suitable (soon, soon). Fortunately, her younger siblings (in 2nd grade too!) have picked up the slack and want to ride even in the pouring rain!