Bike to School Month 2011

Here at Car Free Days HQ, we’re busy with preparations for the fourth-annual Bike to School Month kickoff (this Friday on the school playground).

Bike to School Month Family Bike Extravaganza

look how little...and cute

Four years already?  Seems like just yesterday, we were planning our first event.

Tim and I love planning Bike to School month: it’s become a much-anticipated spring tradition at our kids’ elementary school.  We share the planning and execution with our friends and fellow family riders, Clint and Leslie. Each of us brings the perfect mix of enthusiasm, mellowness, last-minute surprises and creativity that makes the event a super fun spring tradition at our school. And this year we’ve recruited some new bike riding parents who will hopefully carry on the Bike to School month tradition long after our kids “graduate” from elementary school.

Planning and preparations for the month are not difficult or that time-consuming. With the help of the SDOT sponsored Safe Routes to School grant, we’re able to fund the event each year. If you have school-age kids and are inclined to plan a Bike to School event, shoot us and email, we’d love to share ideas. The Bike Fairy

On deck for Bike to School Month 2011:

  • kick off event on the playground after school. Featuring volunteer mechanics manning bike tuning stations ( very popular every year – parents love this one), slow bicycle races and bike decorating
  • lots of signs and posters around the school advertising special events throughout the month. (realtor signs covered and waterproof house wrap are our sign making materials of choice).
  • spoke cards (designed and created by Tim) for every kid who participates
  • the infamous Bike Fairy who gives prizes to kids who ride to school
  • a Bike Station on May 20th: along with Bike to Work Day, we also celebrate Bike to School Day
  • a meet-up at Top Pot on the last day of the month for doughnuts and group ride to school
  • an end-of month celebration featuring the Clint-designed obstacle course complete with jumps and ramps…not to be missed
Are you planning Bike to School Month? Have any ideas to share? We’d love to hear what others are doing to get kids on bikes this month!
– Anne

One response to “Bike to School Month 2011

  1. At our boys old school in Minnesota, they actually told us riding to school was forbidden. At their new school in Colorado, their school is what they a call a non-transportation school, which means walking, biking, teleporting, etc. are welcome forms of transportation and they do not have busing. The downside is while they support self-powered transport, they do not discourage driving.