Me and My Bike: Teen video from Africa

The problem with having a single-topic blog (family biking in case you’ve forgotten … it has been a while), is that sometimes we run out of things worth saying out loud. Do any of you really need to hear about our heaviest Trader Joe’s run ever? Or that we finally sold our car? Or that we still love our Xtracycles (a lot)?

I don’t know about you, but for me it gets kinda old and preachy.

So we give it a rest.

But as the gap between posts grows, we start second guessing every potential idea (“it’s been a two weeks since we blogged. It’s gotta be something good” and “it’s been a month and a half since we blogged, better be AWESOME”). The larger the gap, the tougher to break the cycle.

Luckily, busting out of our slump this time is a no-brainer. Check out some amazing kids from Kenya and the fun & inspiring hip-hop bicycle music video they created video for the 1 Minute to Save the World video contest (yes, they won)!

via HuffPost

The video has it all  – kids, bikes, mobility, and saving the world. What’s not to love? And it fits with our recent media and bike-music themes, too.


Note to self: … remember to help Tom the next time he’s soliciting donations/volunteers for the Village Bicycle Project!

7 responses to “Me and My Bike: Teen video from Africa

  1. The aforementioned Tom aka Bikejuju is also in a major blogging rut if it’s any consolation. So major that he’ll probably just steal this video and post it instead of actually doing anything more creative.

  2. Simply awesome. I hope this gets many views.

  3. Love love love it!

  4. Watch out for Bikejuju Tim … that mofo can JUGGLE. For real. He just might chuck up a Mills Mess all over your Ravenna / West Seattle bike blogging feud.

    Welcome back!

    • Actually, I’m thinking I should watch out for you. You ride one of those folding bikes. Those seem sort of shifty and untrustworthy (Are you so ashamed of your bike that you need to fold it up and hide it?) to me 🙂

  5. Funny how a little video can make you smile and pass it on. Yay for the combo of storytelling and social media!

  6. Love the video. So do my guys…. My boys have asked to watch it for the 242nd time.

    Meanwhile, I hear you on the blogging blahs. Have been seriously thinking of retiring from the game for now. But then, the sun is coming out and the snow and ice are melting and there are more family bike adventures to be had. Yet really, how many times can I say, “We went here, here, AND here all by bike and it was fun…” ?

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