Bike Radio: Families on Bikes

The biking family rolling down Market St. in San Fran
A couple of weeks ago the ten-year-old and I  had the immense pleasure of riding with and being interviewed by Benji Perrin for the Bike Commute (part of KBCS One World Report).

The Bike Commute:

brings us interviews on wheels…bike wheels. Producer Benji Perrin discovers what inspires and drives interesting people to do what they do both on and off their bikes. It tells their stories and ideas amongst the sounds of the streets while cycling throughout the Puget Sound.

The first two Bike Commute installments featured David Schomer of Vivace Coffee and David Hiller Advocacy Director of Cascade Bicycle Club.

The third installment explores “commuting” in a family way and features two Xtracycle riding families.

Have a listen if you have 8 minutes to spare:

The show will air on 91.3 KBCS Thursday, January 13, 2011 between 4 and 5.

I hope the New Year has started right for all of you!

– Anne

3 responses to “Bike Radio: Families on Bikes

  1. You guys rule. Great radio piece. I want to meet that Ballard dad too.

    PS That Brompton is so hers now.

  2. YAAAAYYYY! So exciting. Congratulations. Go, go, Car Free Family.

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