Bike Pool to Soccer Practice

Bike pool to soccer practiceThis is most likely the last year I’ll be able to shuttle two kids on the Xtracycle. (sniff sniff) I don’t know what Tim has been feeding them, but the wee ones have grown. They are simply getting too dang big to shuttle around.

And now they have friends.

And it’s not just their size, it’s their energy. They’re all squirmy and excited and silly. And they laugh and joke and eat lollipops. And sometimes they bonk each other with their helmets.

bike pool to soccer practiceI have to say, I’ll miss this era. There’s nothing quite like hauling squealing kids on a bike.

Home from soccer practiceBut I know my Xtracycle kid-shuttle days are coming to a close.

And the kids must ride their own bikes to soccer practice.

(I promise to keep hauling the balls and cones until they are big enough for their own cargo bikes)

– Coach Anne

8 responses to “Bike Pool to Soccer Practice

  1. Awww…they done growed up…Thanks for the pix. Yeah, they’re a little squirmy. T was a hero on the long ride home.

  2. That’s sweet. And good to remember….

    I know squrimy and excited. I also know about bonking each other with helmets– but it’s not always in silliness & fun on the back of our bike. Our new mantra, especially when riding home from school, “There is no bickering on the bike.”

    • Yes! when my kids were both riding back there all the time, I made them get off and walk when they argued/bickered/fought. Worked pretty well.

      I like silly squirming better.

  3. Fear not, perhaps in ten to twenty years you can shuttle grand kids around. And in 40 – 50 years they can shuttle you! In the mean while you could probably rent some kids when you want to reminisce.

  4. And in regards to squirming/bickering/fighting/hair pulling, I say, “Don’t make me pull this bike over!”

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