UW Burke-Gilman Closure/Detour in mid December

Head’s up: Anne and I were out for ride with a neighbor on Wednesday and noticed an upcoming Burke-Gilman trail reroute.

Apparently a small portion the trail needs to be closed December 14 – January 3 to allow early prep work for the future University Link light rail station.

An easy detour is available on Mason Rd, the lightly-traveled access road which runs parallel and just above the trail grade.

More from Sound Transit:

Between December 14, 2009 and January 3, 2010, Sound Transit’s contractor will install the infrastructure for an electrical ductbank that will provide power to the UW Station construction site and ultimately additional high voltage service to the University of Washington light rail station.

-ST November Newsletter

Sound Transit Burke-Gilman Holiday Closure MapProps to Sound Transit for wisely timing the closure to take place during a traditionally low-use period—dead winter during the UW Christmas break—as well as for advertising it in advance (a nice contrast to the no-notice, no-accessible detour SDOT closure here and especially in Fremont last spring in the middle of Bike to Work Month).

I’m sure this will be just the first of many disruptions between now and the projected 2016 opening, but hopefully this is a signal of how ST plans to respect other alternative transportation users as they implement next phase of this eagerly (in our family, anyway) awaited mega project.


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