Reports from the Field: Another Local Xtracycle

James W and kids on the Green Moose (photo courtesy of James)

James W and kids on the Green Moose (photo courtesy of James)

Tim and I blather on and on about bikes and our adventures on the blog and we love to hear from people who find some of the info useful.

James W emailed us this morning and passed along photos of his Xtracycle, the Green Moose, he built up with his son. It’s a beautiful build. We’re glad you contacted us, James, and look forward to seeing you out on the road!
I included his mail in the post (below). Looks like a candidate for  inclusion in the Xtracycle Gallery, perhaps?
Hello Tim & Anne,
You two don’t know me but my office is [on Dexter] and last summer I would see Tim’s red Xtracycle in the bike room.  A short while later I happened across Car Free Days and have enjoyed reading about your adventures.  I take from what I’ve read that Tim has since changed jobs and I haven’t seen the red Xtracycle for some time.
I had always been interested in the long-tail concept, mainly for kid hauling and going car free on weekends, so late this spring I took the plunge and re-built an old Trek MTB purchased through Craigslist.
Here are a few pictures: (i) as a partially stripped frame almost ready to go to the powdercoaters, (ii) on its inaugural ride, fully assembled but without the final stoker stem and saddle (iii) as it looks now, shot at our favorite park and (iv) parked outside my office this morning.
It was a fun project, and the second bike my now six year old and I built have together.  The first one is called the Grey Goose (photo also attached) and this one is called the Green Moose.  We did the harder parts of the assembly for both at Wright Brothers Cycle Works in Fremont.  The Green Moose will probably get a rear disc wheel and brake and some wood fenders by this fall, and maybe a basket but other than that its finished.
Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration, both in the Dexter bike room and on the blog.
Best regards,

James W
photo courtesy of James W

photo courtesy of James W

photo courtesy of James W

photo courtesy of James W

– Anne

11 responses to “Reports from the Field: Another Local Xtracycle

  1. Don in Edmonds

    Hey, this story was posted to Xtracycle’s Facebook feed to 721 friends. Expect some new readers.

    • Cool. Thanks for the heads-up Don!

      Consider this a big Car Free Days welcome to any Xtracycle-fancying Facebookers. Take a look around and don’t be shy about joining the conversation and holler if you have any questions.

      And for any of the Car Free Days family on Facebook, but not yet an Xtracycle fan, check’em out:


  2. Hello Tim and Anne,

    this is a bit off topic but of great interest to me. I just came across this (local) post and thought worth sharing with you.

    Do you see a growing trend, more of your bike friends ‘packing heat’ while cycling?

    Several friends and I have found it quite relieving to carry a sidearm while on a bike. I got my concealed weapons permit and just stick mine in my back-jersey pocket. I’ve only had to pull it out once but it sure scared off the driver (after he swerved at me with his van and then pulled a head and got out to wait for me). This city is way more bike-friendly than other places I’ve lived but there are still some people who just hate cyclists.

    • Wow, that’s one trend I haven’t noticed. I’ve though of carrying a list of clever comeback for the more common of late “get on sidewalk, dickhead,” but even that’s too much trouble.

      Personally, I can barely remember my sunglasses and cell phone. A side arm would only make me later.

      Readers? Anyone know “a friend” who is packing heat? Please weigh in!

  3. I don’t know anyone who carries a concealed pistol while cycling, but the whole point of concealed carry is concealment.

    I do see a bicycle commuter on Dexter who openly carries a rather large knife strapped to his backpack.

    In other bicycle + weaponry news, did anyone else see the reporting on “cyclists hit by blowgun darts”?

  4. Not here. After a car’s hit you, it’s a little late… adn the law would frown upon it.

  5. Wow – over here in the UK, it’s hard to imagine any pro-bike person thinking about carrying a gun. The thought scares the crap out of me. I wonder how many cars have one in the glovebox in the US!

    Here in the UK ALL handguns are banned – even at shooting ranges. Only very very few Police officers are allowed to carry them. Even knives are pretty restricted.

  6. I find guns a scary thing and just don’t like them. How do you know the other person doesn’t have one as well and is willing to use it. And if he’s in a car, a gun won’t do you much good if you can’t hold it steady while riding. The car could still plow into you.

  7. Andy in Germany

    Odd thing is, even if you carry a gun the drivers around are stastically more dangerous than you.

    If I tried that here I’d only get about 500m before the police arrived I reckon, and I wouldn’t want to argue with them…

  8. I’ve seen a ton of longbikes on my small vacation in Amsterdam just today (and not a single helmet!). It’s awesome here.

  9. A shop owner I know now carries full time… he made the decision after an angry driver ran him off the road, then sped ahead and jumped out of his vehicle to confront him. Luck was on his side this day as a passer by stopped to help him, but he said he will not be caught in that situation ever again. It’s a shame that there’s so much anger in drivers.

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