Anne Dreams of a Family Triplet


Anne's latest dream bike

School gets out today. This time of year is bittersweet. We are all ready for a break from our normal routine and are looking forward to some carefree summer times. I’m sure the kids will be happy not to hear the words:  get dressed, eat your breakfast, put your book down, brush your teeth and we’re going to be late for a few months.

We’re planning on a lot of beach time and swimming and zoo visiting and kite flying and ice cream eating.

Since the kids are both riding on their own 80% of the time, I must shift my pedaling expectations: we’ll travel a little lot slower and we won’t venture far out of the five mile radius surrounding our house. Thankfully, we live close to the lake and the zoo and the pool and our favorite ice cream shop so I think we’ll do just fine.

But…..if we had one of these sweet rides, we’d be doing a lot better. I can already picture the summer riding we could do on this WorkCycles triplet. The three of us would certainly travel in style and in comfort! We could happily pedal anywhere we wanted to go.

Ah well, a girl can dream.

Happy Summer and Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.

– Anne

7 responses to “Anne Dreams of a Family Triplet

  1. That triple looks really sweet.

    We just bought a tandem trail-a-bike. It’s not for small parents or large children, but it works for us (so far).

  2. That would be awesome 🙂 Seems like quite an engineering feat as well. Would be fun to ride it and see how it feels.

  3. Every time I read this blog I smile real big and say “There is hope after all.” How wonderful to have to get your children to stop reading (as opposed to watching tv) in order to get out the doorin drder to get to school. Dream big ’cause one day the kids will be venturing out on their own cycling adventures. Grand days! Thanks.

  4. now I dream of that. How much fun is that.

  5. Put the book down as opposed to turn off the television. I love it. I don’t have cable and the switch to digital over the air only gave us more junk including a 24 hour cartoon channel. It’s nothing like the cable but addictive all the same.

  6. I knew it had to be Amsterdam when I saw this in my reader.

    I’ll be there later this summer. Can’t wait to see one.

  7. Actually, I think this is what you need. A Calfee-built custom bamboo triple.

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