A “better” bike rack through dental technology

I love our dentist, Dr. Russell. He’s the kind of guy I can exchange snippy banter with while he takes better care of my mouth then the words coming out of it often deserve.

As many of you know, Anne and I are turning into bike rack zealots. So its no surprise that during my cleaning last winter, I spent some time berating him for his shoddy bike  parking.  The rack at his office is old, rattly, rusty, and not even secured to the ground!

To his credit, Dr. Russell didn’t jab me with one of those evil dental picks. Instead, he listened respectfully, asked a couple questions, and gave me a little hope he’d do something about it.

Last Thursday I was back for my summer cleaning. Approaching the still-in-place ratty old rack my initial disappointment quickly turned to  admiration for the way he had spiffed it up and secured it with the tools of his trade:

Waxed Floss Rack Security

Waxed floss!

bike rack bonzaiHe was especially proud of how the floss integrated with the rock and bamboo branch support. Supposedly if a criminal didn’t see the nearly invisible floss and tried to steal the rack, they’d unknowingly yank out the support. The tree would then fall on the would-be thief and the bike would be safe, thanks to cartoon-like simplicity!

I laughed for a good 10 minutes, then called Anne to stop by with the camera (and hurry before any criminals tripped the trap)! I’m not sure when that new rack is coming, but I’m guessing Dr. Russell thought more about bike racks last week than he did the whole previous year. That’s a pretty good (and hilarious) first step.

I wish all dentist appointments were this entertaining!


One response to “A “better” bike rack through dental technology

  1. Wile E. Coyote lives!

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