Taking the new skis for a ride (with Paris)

I recently scored a smokin’ deal on some telemark skis on craigslist. Because I harbor a special guilt about my addiction to making turns (pretty much the only reason we own a car is for getting to the ski hills, and I don’t even want to think about the massive carbon footprint of the ski industry), I sure wasn’t going to drive to SoBa to pick up the planks. And really, why would I even be tempted? It was a lovely spring day and I own a bike with cargo capacity to spare. I rode to Ballard, bought the skis, strapped them to the Xtracycle and rode home.  All in the same or less time than it would have taken by car.

No biggie, right?

Then how come the comments and attention from other trail users made me feel like I was giving Paris Hilton a lift on the snapdeck? These new skis are good looking, but it’s not like they forgot their underpants or starred in their own amateur adult video or anything.

Mostly I find it amusing that no one would bat an eye if I was carrying the skis on a car; the act of transporting the same cargo via bike is seen as nutty. If you are reading this blog, you know that a loaded bike is precisely not nutty. The skis or groceries, or beer, or compost, or furniture, or just a laptop and a briefcase —heck, even Paris Hilton on the snapdeck —they are all doable if you choose to make it so.

You just gotta get out and ride.

-TimTim and Paris

4 responses to “Taking the new skis for a ride (with Paris)

  1. I know there’s a lot of family stuff here, but I couldn’t help snickering a bit when I saw the words Paris and doable in the same sentence.

    I’m dying to get one of those Xtracycle add ons, just a teeny bit expensive.

  2. Dave, I’ll do anything to get a comment 😉

    Seriously, if you read back a bit, you’ll see that Carfreedays has a history of borderline inappropriate innuendo (“Seattle Mayor Nichols wants to show you his rack“. )

    We’ve been heavy on the family stuff lately and it’s been fun. But as a nod to some of our original readers we figure a double entendre couldn’t hurt.

    More importantly, your Xtracycle plans: The Freeradical kit may _seem_ expensive, but seriously it’s LIFE CHANGING (and I don’t use all caps lightly).

    I’m the biggest cheapskate you’ll find. I major in buyers remorse, with minor in “how can I get this cheaper.” And if I had to go back in time knowing what I know, I’d say the Xtracycle is a bargain worth at least twice to us the price we paid for them. They are that good.

    And thanks for the comment. I’m always happy to generate a snicker,


  3. Thanks Tim, You will get lots of traffic from this one. Who can resist Paris? I like her and Starbucks and I’m not afraid to admit it.

    Thanks too for the nudge on the Xtracycle. Sounds akin to the video camera purchase that one shouldn’t hesitate on when the kid’s young.

  4. In our case the video camera got used tons for first, then was pretty much neglected for the second. Meanwhile the Xtracycle is in heavy rotation for both.

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to get some video of the youngest!

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