Grocery Getters in the Mainstream Media

Coffee Break

The Seattle Times reports that people are changing their shopping habits. It seems people are abandoning their cars in favor of—and this is really wacky—bikes and feet.

The article mentions Xtracyles and Bakfietsen as good grocery hauling machines. It’s great to see bikes in the mainstream media. Little by little people are realizing how simple it is to use bikes as transportation.

(btw The Times photo editor may need to be enlightened—the bike on the front page of the article is not an Xtracycle, it’s a bike with a rear rack and paniers.)

Have a good weekend!

-Anne and Tim

3 responses to “Grocery Getters in the Mainstream Media

  1. It’s amazing how many groceries can fit in a bike trailer, at least when I leave the kids at home. 🙂

  2. I just uploaded a picture of my bike loaded up with painting gear. This is how I go around here in Austin painting people in public. Milk crates are great! Love your site.

  3. Sorry, folks. I forgot to provide the link to the page with the photo of my bike w/ milk crate. (n00b).

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