Lowrider Bakfiets: Aero with Style

I took this video of Stephan from Dutch Bike while riding with him a sunny Ballard evening earlier in the month.

Work has been crazy and I’ve had no time to (bike) blog (thanks for keeping it rolling, Anne!). Still, every time I stumbled across the video on my desktop, I knew I had to do something with it. I originally had intentions of a rolling interview, but the camera picked up so much wind noise I tossed the dialog out and just scrunched things down to Flickr size.

You’ll have to trust me that we covered some great sound bites in those 30 seconds—everything from “we’re all about aero at Dutch Bike,” to “this could be one of the greatest bike boulevards in Seattle, instead look at it,” to swapping pot shots about our supposedly green, but mostly scheming, non-riding mayor (oh wait a minute. Most of those pot shots were mine).

Simply adding music doesn’t count as film making but I can live with it. Certainly you could do a lot worse today than the 90 seconds you might spend watching the bakfiets while chilling to the smooth sounds of Mexican Institute of Sound.

Though the ride was hardly epic—It was only a 20 minute run from the shop to Ballard Market for stock up for a summer bbq with our friends at Dutch Bike—it produced memories I’ll carry around for years.

Thanks guys!


5 responses to “Lowrider Bakfiets: Aero with Style

  1. Tim, tú eres el Rey!
    El vídeo está caliente.

  2. Haven’t we seen enough over 40 white folks low-ridin’ on bakfietsen. Sort of cliche now don’t you think?
    I hear they make tires out of rubber now. Check it out.

  3. True enough, David. It’s always the old folks who have the means to hop up their rides and these drag these fads along way past their freshness date.

    Rubber tires, eh? Next thing you know they’ll make a bike that seats 7!

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