Pedestrians 1, Cars 0

Capitol Hill Welcomes you - Jason Anfinsen on Flickr

Capitol Hill Welcomes you - Jason Anfinsen on Flickr

The Seattle PI reports that the Boren /Pine intersection is getting much needed pedestrian improvements. Seattle DOT is eliminating a car lane to improve pedestrian access. Early next year, a sidewalk will be added to the north side of the I-5 overpass on Pine street, the main route from Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood to downtown.

Capitol Hill, with a walkscore of 87, gets a lot of pedestrian traffic. The neighborhood is so close to downtown, it just makes sense to walk. Yet there is currently not an easy and safe way to walk from Capitol Hill to downtown.

Thankfully that’s about to change.

The work will be done without widening the overpass, which would have meant a costly retrofit. Instead, a lane is being eliminated to make room for the sidewalk, said Brian Holloway, the city’s project manager.

A car lane is being eliminated to make way for a sidewalk.

We’ll look forward to taking a walk there next spring.

 – Anne

One response to “Pedestrians 1, Cars 0

  1. Golly, when I used to live on Capitol Hill, I walked to Downtown quite frequently (the Paramount was particularly easy, as I recall), and it didn’t seem to be a problem. I do agree that the intersection in question was not the best, but as a pedestrian, one must develop somewhat of a philosophical attitude, and be ready to vault 1 1/2 foot high curbs in the midst of traffic. A similar approach is necessary for biking in many areas of most cities.

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