Sustainable Ballard Bike Rack Design Contest

Sustainable Ballard Bike Rack Contest You’ve heard Anne and I prattle on about bike racks. They aren’t where you need them. They’re ugly. And even when they are in the right location, they need more capacity. Blah, blah, blah. Maybe that’s what prompted my buddy Bret to tip us off to a bike rack design contest in his neighborhood.

It seems those inspiring folks at Sustainable Ballard have come to our rescue with a contest to outfit key Ballard locales with locally designed, handmade, artisan bike racks. We’re already fans of Undriving Ballard, and Undriver License holders and can’t wait to see what develops here. As of now, racks are planned near the Ballard Library, Ballard Ave near the Sunday Market, Bergen Place, the Locks, and Market Street.

Best part about it? They are even hoping to preempt some auto parking along the way:

Along Ballard Ave. at either (or both) ends of the Sunday Farmer’s Market. Since sidewalk space is limited here we are hoping to place a rack on-street in a car parking space. This rack should hold a minimum of 6 bicycles and have a footprint (includes bicycles) of not more than 8 ft × 15 ft.”

I’m not sure what the mayor and his SDOT posse will think about such a reasonable trade, but I think it’s a swell idea.

So get going all you cubicle-dwelling, wannabe industrial designers toiling away in the virtual world (wait a minute, I resemble that remark). Sharpen your pencils—or whatever it is designers use these days—you’ve got until July 15 to exercise your genius.

Bikes in Ballard will thank you.

– Tim

3 responses to “Sustainable Ballard Bike Rack Design Contest

  1. What a coincidence, BSNYC just submitted 3 outstanding ideas for parking racks. And I think Pirate Statues might be a nice fit, though Ballardavians may prefer something closer to this.

  2. The website is now up and running –

  3. right on! here’s a clickable link

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