Seattle’s Got a Whole Lot of Bikin’ Goin’ On

Just a bike commuter in SeattleI had minor knee surgery Thursday. I’m surprisingly mobile, (three laps around the block yesterday!) but not quite up for my normal ride. That meant a trip home from work via Metro bus today. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a very good bus commuter. I resent buses being late and early (and sometimes on time). Mostly it’s my problem because I have time issues. Regardless, I’d rather ride.

One advantage of the bus, I found today, is the ability to check on the state of the Seattle bike commute. On my daily ride, I see a few folks out there but don’t get a sense for numbers. I don’t pass a lot of riders and don’t get passed too much either. Mostly I just roll along alone, occasionally waving toward oncoming riders. Am I alone or just riding in a bike-free bubble? It’s hard to tell.

The bus tonight, aided by a lengthy Fremont bridge raising, presented me an opportunity to check out my peeps. Good news! A hell of a lot of us have taken to two wheels. Is it spring? Congestion? Gas Prices? A valiant effort to reduce the carbon footprints of Lake Union-area drivers?

'lectric fuji commuterIf I had to choose, I’d go with runaway gas prices as a clear motivator. Ultimately, the reason doesn’t really matter to me. I’m just glad to see them all out there—carbon commuters in their full kits, the well-worn steel Peugeots (perhaps veterans 1970s bike boom), ‘lectric-bike Fujis, and everything in between.

We’re no Copenhagen, but this is progress. Copenhagen wasn’t always Copenhagen, either.

Riding with Co-Workers

On a related note…Anne has talked a bit about Bike to School Month. It’s Bike to Work month as well. My office of fewer than 30 29 has pulled together a team of 10 commuters. Not a bad participation ratio from these library dorks superstars of the library world (known collectively as Team BikeJunction). We are more than half “new” commuters so I don’t expect everyone to ride every day (my knee will probably keep me sidelined for the first few days). Still, two or three rides a week times 10 riders is a lot cars off the road.

You still have time to field a team of your own or sign up to ride solo. Think of it as an opportunity to begin a habit that can last all year long.

(edited to Bike Junction team info to reflect the true colors of the crew)

3 responses to “Seattle’s Got a Whole Lot of Bikin’ Goin’ On

  1. As I’ve said before: Cry Havoc! and let slip the newbies of spring! They’re everywhere, and I love it. You bet, the SBS Warehouse Rats will be out in force (that’s “in the house” for all you kids) and showing the other commuting teams how it’s done this May.

  2. I got 16 folks from my office to sign up for Bike to Work Month through the I’ve got 2 days in so far…. check out Sellen Cycles the Most (Decks and Bikes That Is) and the Sellen Sore Seat Cyclers (aka Suckin’ Wind) team stats. Thanks Tim and Anne for inspiring…. I’ll keep you posted….

  3. Way to go, Nancy! That’s totally awesome. We are now up to 12 and had to split into two teams (bikejunction and bikejunction 2.0). Seems like a ton of interest for this year. Cascade apparently ran out of t-shirts for team captains — more than 800 teams I think they said.

    Keep up the riding. I will too.

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