Candy Will Keep Them Awake

We went to dinner at my sister and brother-in-law’s house on Saturday night. They live about five miles from us. In the “old days” we would have driven over there. Although I never considered driving this time, the decision to ride did give me pause: it’s a little farther than we normally go with the kids after dark. I wondered how they would do on the back of the bike on the way home. Darkness and kids with full tummies at bedtime is a recipe for some nodding off. But it wasn’t enough to make me take the car.

As we hit the section of the Burke Gilman that passes the dreaded Montlake traffic, we were feeling smug about our decision to ride. We breezed by on our bikes passing all of the cars sitting in traffic. Right on.

Montlake Traffic

We had a lovely time at dinner. And as I predicted, we stayed a little past the kids bedtime. It’s hard to get us out the door when we’re having a good time. To to keep the kids from falling asleep, we fed them sour patch kids all the way home. It turns out candy does serve a purpose.sour-patch-kids-blog.jpg Since the four year old isn’t as skilled as his sister at riding no handed, he and Tim worked out a candy-eating-system. Tim gave the little guy some warning, then he opened his mouth like a baby bird and received his sugar bomb. The seven year old, ever so grown up and composed, casually sat behind me no-handed and fed herself. It worked like a charm – they got just enough of a sugar rush to keep them awake but not too much to keep them from going to sleep once we got home.

We really enjoyed the ride home – there’s something about riding at night that makes me feel extra free. Plus the kids get really excited when they are out after dark, they think they are getting away with something. We even saw a few raccoons peeking out from some shrubs: no big deal to us, but thrilling to kids who usually go to bed soon after the sun goes down. Ah the little things!

– Anne

3 responses to “Candy Will Keep Them Awake

  1. That sound so cool!
    My nearly four year old is now becoming a little too confident on her trailer bike thingie!
    She’s taken to taking both hands off the bars so she can wave and make faces at passers by! The other day I found her semi-dismounted as we passed a playground. I think she was planning to leap into the sand as I peddled by!
    Thanks for the sweets idea. My biggest worry is that she will fall asleep on the way home from work.

  2. Couldn’t we just lay them down in the saddlebags whey they get sleepy or have already fallen asleep somewhere? Then we could keep the candy for ourselves…

  3. David, Our four year old does the same dismount thing. If we’re arriving some where he’s excited to go (like the park) he starts to get off before I’ve stopped – pretty funny. Keep a stash of candy for the way home from work!

    Smudgemo – That’s a good idea. I wonder if someone would call CPS on you for that? Hmm.

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