NAHBS Update

Trucker Racks -- photoI spent an amazing Saturday at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. While I’m not the type to drop $5k on a bike anytime soon, it sure is fun to look gawk at these incredible bikes/works of art (and talk to their very friendly builders) in person.

Some quick notes: Cargo and city bikes were well represented. I think I saw four or five over-the-top custom long bikes and scads of stylish commuters (including a belt-drive, Rolhoff-hub-equipped Curtlo city bike). The quantity of porteur style bikes with integrated heavy-duty front racks was my real surprise. These strike me as the perfect mount for many riders: commute, tour, cargo, whatever. The show builders must agree — porteurs, and nicely racked bikes in general, were everywhere.

It’s refreshing to see utility and beauty get their due together.

I snapped tons of great photos, but, uh, forgot to bring a USB cable or card reader and can’t upload anything right now. Sorry about that. More detail and hundreds of photos coming when we get back to Seattle. Honest.


photo: (creative commons license)

4 responses to “NAHBS Update

  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!!! (chanting) we just came back from celebrating our son’s birthday in Portland so we could not justify another weekend in Portland so soon. p.s I don’t know if you are foodies but if you ever need recomendations, we have tons. (my son and his girlfriend are both chefs)

  2. Sorry I missed you there, Tim; we could have compared notes. Some truly fine hardware, yes, but for me the high point was connecting and talking to all the interested, interesting, and instigating people there. I think I only knew about half of them when I walked in, and about two thirds when I left, freshly inspired. Some weekend!

  3. Wow! I wish we had something like that here! Sounds fantastic…
    Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  4. Tons of photos right here. I still need to clean them up, but feel free to dig through…Val, I had my eye out for you… thought you’d be there. I met some amazing builders (and some pretty cool fellow gawkers, too).

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