Yearly Budget

I’m doing the dreaded beginning of the year stuff – cleaning out the closets, getting rid of stuff and reviewing our budget. In the process, I ran across our 2007 budget – it was pretty amusing to read it. The budget contained a line item for gas – $200 a month. According to my girlfriend that’s nothing – she pays $200 a week. We’ve only put 2 tanks of gas into our car since the end of August. That’s a lot of walking around money!

In the wake of gas price increases, have you seen your gas expenditures go up or down?

 – Anne

2 responses to “Yearly Budget

  1. I think I put gas in my truck back in February, the one time I drove it last year; don’t even remember how much. I do look at the prices now and then – it seems to me like some very powerful people are having fun manipulating people’s attitudes and emotions by raising and lowering the price when it suits them. Considering all the subsidies and the obscene profit margin enjoyed by oil companies, the concept of prices determined by supply and demand is completely ludicrous and irrelevant. Somebody’s playing silly buggers, mark my words.

  2. Word! I don’t care what it costs to fill up because I don’t do it very often. Well, I sort of care, but in reality, an extra $.50/gal would equal maybe $150/year. That won’t matter much because with the scooter and the Xtracycle, my mileage will be either 110 mpg or off the charts. Those handy machines should eliminate all but a few of the single-occupant trips this family takes.

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