Sustainable Cycling Hats

Deller 3-Panel Recycled Hat

Check out Shaun Deller, another one of those bike-nut (in a good way) PDXers. Deller makes cycling hats from recycled fabric (via Goodwill). He doesn’t own a car and does all of his hat-related business on his bike. Cool hats and a nice, sustainable (it’s not like Goodwill is going to run out of old pants) business idea. Make sure you watch the excellent video at Nau (thanks Rocky).

He’s using a bike with a huge basket and homemade trailer to carry the goods, but frankly an Xtracycle or something dutch would be cooler — maybe he should pop into the Clever Cycles (what is it with all the cool Portland cycling businesses anyway?) and work out bakfiets-for-hats trade! Oh, he’s got a blog, too with some neat, non-hat, bike-focused stuff.

That crappy King of the Mountains hat I picked up at the Tour de France last month now kind of feels dirty to me. Hmmm….I’m thinking my brother-in-law would dig one of these. I wonder if I’ll draw his name at Christmas.

(via Grist, Bike Portland, Nau Collective, and the goat.)


One response to “Sustainable Cycling Hats

  1. What a great way to use old fabric. Awesome!

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