Local Has-been TV commentator wrong about bikes (again)

TV troll Ken Schram has come down on the site of opportunistic ticket-writing Lake Forest Park in the debate about whether a tiny little town with not much going for it can stand in the way of a heavily used regional transportation system (that happens to NOT rely on bikes).

In a nutshell, LFP property owners don’t like people in lycra riding by their waterfront homes. I think it makes them feel guilty about their giant SUVs and car-centric lifestyles. They’ve been fighting it for years and just lost a regional hearing that will make them allow the county to improve the trail.

Traffic on the trail is increasing and as more people get serious about global warming, high gas prices, and big butts, it’s only going to get worse (for the property owners). So, LFP politicos are fighting back the only way they know how — vindictively ticketing cyclists for speeding or running one of the many illogically placed stop signs that attempt to force thousands of trail users each day to stop for an unoccupied private driveway.)

Thanks Ken, way to take the side of the underdog!


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