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South Lake Union: More PARK less parKING

Over the past few years, I’ve take more than a few shots at the South Lake Union neighborhood. There’s the confusing infrastructure, the blade of death, and the dreaded old train tracks.

But there’s also one hell of an awesome park. Continue reading

Sailboats, Sea Planes and Cool Breezes: You get it all at the South Lake Union Park

Xtracycles at South Lake Union Park
Tim and I highly recommend a visit to the new South Lake Union Park. Situated on the south tip of Lake Union, next to the Center for Wooden Boats, it’s a surprisingly serene locale to have a picnic and enjoy the hubub that Lake Union has to offer. While we lament the short-sighted Seattle voters each time we go there, it’s still a great spot even if it’s NOT as good as it could have been. Continue reading