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Downtown Xtracycle Errand Day

Outside Patagonia

I had some stuff to return to Patagonia today so I rode downtown after I dropped the kids off at school. Since I was riding downtown anyway, Tim asked me to take a detour to his office and drop something off that he forgot this morning. So I took the route he usually takes to work. Man he is right about Eastlake and South Lake Union. What a mess.  It’s really hard to believe the city lets developers get away with randomly closing lanes on well travelled streets.  Continue reading

Buy Nothing Day Ride today – meet at Pike Place Market Pig at Noon.

It’s a beautiful fall day in Seattle. The perfect opportunity to ride off all that Thanksgiving eatin’. We’ll be there with the whole family – Grab your lunch, your bike, and meet us as we join the shopping hordes and NOT shop.

-Anne and Tim