A drive to Oakland and rest days in the Bay Area

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Day 4, 5, 6 and 7: Portland to Oakland in a minivan then a few rest days in the Bay Area

2 tandems in a minivan

Not much to report about our drive from Portland to Oakland except that two tandems and four people really do fit in a minivan. And driving is tiring. And the kids complained more on our 11 hour drive than they did riding in the pouring down rain on the highway for an entire day.

After our 200+ mile ride from Seattle to Portland, we were all pretty sore. And sitting in a car for 11 hours was quite painful. But we made it. And my sister greeted us with a big smile and hugs all around when we arrived long after her families bedtime.

We spent the weekend visiting family and friends, relaxing, eating, sleeping, nursing Tim’s cold and his sore knee. We also spent an afternoon in the city. The kids really wanted to go and I was prepared for a long visit. (They were disappointed last year that we didn’t spend more time in the city.) Turns out, all they really wanted to do is stroll through North Beach, eat pizza and look at all of the junk shops in Chinatown. Worked for us. Tim didn’t have a lot of energy and that was all he was really up for.

To him, San Fran means Chinatown. And Chinatown means things that explode.

We spent a night with my friend, Steph, and her family in San Rafael and then back to Oakland for a night.

We got the bikes all packed up on Sunday morning, Father’s Day, planning to take Bart to Daly City and ride to Half Moon Bay and camp near the beach. My brother-in-law offered to accompany us to Bart.

False start roll out. Yesterday ready to go, & 5 minutes later we were talked into staying another night #familybiketour @oninformation #fb

As we were putting the final touches on the bikes and packing our stuff back into panniers and loading them up, Thomas suggested we stay another night. Why not spend the day relaxing at their local pool, drinking beer and watching the kids swim? I wasn’t sure he was serious. It was Father’s Day, did he really want us to hang out? Turns out he did. And it didn’t take long to convince us to stay.

The bikes were rolled back in the garage, fully packed and ready to go in the morning. And we were off to the pool an hour later. Ahhh, it sure was nice to relax! And catch up with Helen and Thomas. And read and nap too. The kids spent the entire day swimming in the pool with their cousins. I’d say we made a good choice.

Off to Half Moon Bay now! Thankfully I padded our schedule so we’d have time and opportunity for fun along the way.

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