Day 26 in a San Diego Hotel (Neuroses of a Bike Touring Mom)

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Day 26: Waking up in a plush San Diego Hotel

Hotel Room in San Diego

I woke up on Day 26 of our tour at 7:00 AM. Bing. I was instantly awake. And everyone else was asleep. I was alone with my thoughts. And my brain started buzzing right away with so many random thoughts about all that we needed to take care of:

Where am I? Oh, right, I’m here in this plush hotel room. 

We made it. I can’t believe we made it. Tim’s knees survived. 850+ miles in 3 weeks. With our kids! We really did it. The Pacific Coast in two summers.  We’re finally here.

These sheets are nice. I’m so glad I’m not in a tent right now. No more stinky tent. No more skanky campground showers. I really hate showering at campgrounds. The dampness. The dirty floors. The gross shower curtains. Where do I hang my clothes? I hate wearing flip-flops in the shower.  I can’t wait to take another shower in this nice bathroom. It’s luxurious. And the water doesn’t turn off after 3 minutes. It’s clean. I really do like these sheets, I should get new sheets when we get home.

Maybe I should try to go back to sleep.

This hotel is nice. Can’t we just stay here? I want to stay here forever. This is so easy. I could just forget about everything and stay here. How much would that cost? I’ll do the math…… Wow, that’s expensive. We can’t stay here. [then I recalled a book I read last winter about a guy who got rid of his expensive London flat and lived in hotels for a year.] What was that guy’s name? Didn’t he say it was cheaper to live in a hotel than it was to pay rent and utilities and insurance and all the other stuff ? We could live in a hotel. I’d do it with my family. But without all of the drinking. But that could be fun. That would be an adventure. The kids would love it. The nice people who work here would keep our room clean and cook our food. And wash our sheets…..We could write a book. It would be a different story than his. It would be about a family…….Nah…..that’s stupid. I don’t want to live in a hotel.

Then my brain hopped to the present and all of the items on my to-do list.

We need to get up. Why is every one still asleep?

We still have to ride to the border. And figure out how to get the bikes back to Seattle. Can’t we just donate them to the hotel for guests to use? That could be fun. Maybe the hotel wants tandems? Or we could wheel them out to the street, and leave them unlocked with a “Free” sign dangling from the handlebars? I wonder how long before someone took them?

and then I jumped back to even more to-do items

Oh crap, I told the kids we’d go to the zoo today. When are we going to do that? What time does it close?

And I also promised the girl a shopping trip for some new clothes. She is so sick of bike touring clothes.

I need to figure that out. I have to keep my promise. We have to go shopping. Where should we go? Is there a Tilly’s around here? How far away is Pacific Beach? There were fun shops in Pacific Beach. There’s nothing in downtown San Diego she wants. Nordstrom is too boring. She wants fun clothes. How will we go shopping? How will we get there? If I suggest riding bikes, she’ll kill me. I need to look at a bus schedule.

But first, we have to ride to the border.

Crap, the border. Why didn’t we do that yesterday? It’s only 17 miles. We could have ridden 17 miles yesterday. Then we’d be done. Oh yeah, now I remember, we were tired yesterday and it was too late.

Now we have to do it today. 17 miles, how long will that take? An hour and a half? We can do that. That will be fun. We can’t skip it. We have to ride to the border. We can go fast and ride without all of our crap weighing us down. Wait, *should* we bring the bags, just to be legitimate? Nah, let’s skip the bags. Who cares?  It will be faster. Riding the tandem without the bags is way faster. And kinda fun.

When we get to the border we can touch the fence. I can’t wait to touch the fence. I wonder what the border park is like? Will it be crowded? How will we get back? Those people we met near Camp Pendleton said we can ride the trolley back. Can we really fit bikes on the trolley? How often does the trolley run?

And then I was back to my to-do list.

When we get back to the hotel after riding to the border, we’ll deal with the bikes. What do we have to do to get those bikes shipped?

We need a bike box. Where will we get a box? I need to call some bike shops. Tim already got quotes from shippers. FedEx or Amtrak? We just need to decide. There’s a FedEx place around the corner. And a bike shop too. I wonder what time that shop opens? That will be easy. I’m glad we chose this hotel. It’s so close to everything. oh, we also need to weigh the box. Does the hotel have a scale?

How are we going to get tandems in bike boxes? I have no idea how to do that. Tim can figure that out. He knows how to take apart bikes. 

“Tim? Are you awake?”

And he can deal with packing them.

We need paper. And bubble wrap. And tape. Is there an Office Depot around here? Tim can deal with that too. I have other things to worry about.

“Tim? Why are you still sleeping?”

Oh and what about the rental car? Good thing we already have a rental car. At least we have a reservation. When do we pick it up again? Oh, yeah, tomorrow. And where is the rental car place? I think it’s close. Should we ride there? Or walk? We need to pick up the car before we can pack the bikes…..

So I figured we just needed a box today. And a plan for tomorrow. And everything else would get done eventually. Somehow.

But first I needed coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Time to get up and take care of that first.

“Wake up everyone, I’m going to get some coffee! You better be awake and up when I get back.”

[to be continued….after the coffee]

 – Anne

next up: Day 26: Last Day! Downtown San Diego to Border Field State Park (and back)

4 responses to “Day 26 in a San Diego Hotel (Neuroses of a Bike Touring Mom)

  1. Living in a hotel is a nice though. I also read that BACHELOR wealthy guys account of hotel living vs owning a house. They key was he was on his own.
    Loved the steam of conscience perspective.

    • So true, Tim! I would probably go crazy living with my kids in such a small space. Maybe they could get their own room? But 2 rooms vs a house probably doesn’t pencil out…Ah well. It was a nice thought.

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