Two Tandem Pacific Coast Family Bike Tour Continues


We’re taking off again! With a goal of finishing the Pacific Coast bike route, we are picking up where we left off last summer in San Francisco and riding to the Mexican border.

First, we have some some unfinished business, we’re riding to Portland. If you recall, we took the Bolt bus to Portland on our 2012 tour.

The plan is to pedal to Portland where we’ll pick up a rental car and drive to San Francisco. After a few days of visiting friends and family and taking in some tourist sites (we promised the kids we’d see more of San Francisco this time!) we’ll spend two weeks pedaling toward the Mexican border.

This time, we’re bringing a laptop and will do our best to blog and post photos  to our Flickr stream along the way.

You can also follow us on Twitter:

Tim: @oninformation

Anne: @annesavvy 

No time to write more right now, I have to finish packing!

We added a Pacific Coast Bike Tour page to the blog that includes new posts from our 2012 tour!


 – Anne and Tim

3 responses to “Two Tandem Pacific Coast Family Bike Tour Continues

  1. yeah! best wishes for a wonderful journey!

  2. Go Team King!

  3. Eat some chocolate in San Fran!

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