Weekend Bike(tastic) Events

Julian posted details for November Kidical Mass over at Totcycle. The ride includes the opening of the Ship Canal Trail and ends at Fremont Brewing.

What’s not to like about that route?

Let’s meet at the Ballard Library at 10am, ride through the Locks, and through Fisherman’s Terminal to the 11am opening ceremony. There will be a short stretch of on-road action between the Locks and Terminal. We can do it.

Then we’ll ride this scenic (in an industrial then canal sort of way) trail, and pop over the Fremont Bridge for a lunch at Fremont Brewing. We’ll bring hot cider to warm folks up. Fremont Brewing is BYO food, and quite kid friendly. You can pack a picnic, but there is adjacent teriyaki, and nearby sweet and savory PIE.

Details here:

If kids and bikes and hot cider and beer aren’t your thing, there’s always Cranksgiving.

Cranksgiving is a ride for everyone from racers and messengers to families and slow riders. It’s a celebration of goodwill and bicycles. It’s a test of your city navigation skills, but also a demonstration that the bike is a great way to accomplish simple errands like going to the grocery store.

Most of all, it’s about having a great time.

Riders will be given a map with grocery stores marked and a list of items to buy. The goal is to buy at least one item at each location and get to the finish line somewhere near Columbia City (you will find out where when the race starts).

Have a good weekend!

 – Anne

One response to “Weekend Bike(tastic) Events

  1. Bummer just found this now! Hope everybody had a good time 🙂

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