Summer by Bike: The Video

As we’re wrapping up Summer 2010 (aside from 1980, the worst summer in 5 decades) and looking ahead to Fall, we still can’t stop talking about our terrible weather. Where did our glorious Northwest September go? (usually our favorite month of the year).

Despite the rain and clouds, we still enjoyed many fun times on the bike with family and friends. Check out the video we put together of Car Free Days summer riding.

When we watch the video we realize, it wasn’t all bad.

How about you? Tell us about your summer riding.

– Anne and Tim

8 responses to “Summer by Bike: The Video

  1. Even though summer was sub-par, we did have a couple of stretches of nice days in August. I see that you had a lot of great adventures, and your bikes helped get you there (and back).

    We had a grand summer riding, although we didn’t hit our full stride until August, when we took a few “longer” trips. We definitely need to upgrade our youngests’ bikes for the spring. They need to grow a couple of more inches first, however, to fit on 20″-wheel bikes. During the winter, we generally only ride to and from school, so the single-speed 16″-wheelers are adequate.

  2. Loved your synopsis!
    Our guy started the summer not riding his two wheeler but with a weekly bike group ride he suddenly became very proficient. Now he demands to ride all of his free time and I can’t keep up with him!
    Thanks to your inspiration!

  3. Cool video. Looks like you managed to really get out there and have fun! Good for you:-)

  4. Gosh it was the worst summer since 1980! (that year they blamed it on Mt. Saint Helens erupting) We rode the STP for the first time in 5 years. It was cool weather that weekend. Forgot what a circus (good/bad) riding with 12,000 people can be. Did our favorite event the RSVP on the same weekend as your Fiets ride, wish we had hoses sparaying us with cool water. Tim did you really paddle board without a pfd? what was your plan if you fell in the water? The water here is FREEZING!!! what a great video. You are the best parents ever! You live the talk. Take care!

  5. Hi Marge – I’ve sort of forgetten the STP crowds too. Maybe in another 10 years or so I’ll be ready again. As for the SUP — yes, I wasn’t wearing a PFD. But in my defense I was only about 50′ off Gas Works and it’s shallow enough to stand. And I did fall in a couple times. The lake was actually pretty warm. It’s the heavy metal toxins in the water and on the beach I really should be worried about!

  6. very very cool!

    Our summer was HOTT. But dry. I did a bit of solo riding and tesing my own boundaries as a new rider. Biking over to Harvard square on a bike path I’ve never taken but always wanted to. the kids- well my diva daughter doesn’t like being sweaty- so she has refused to bike her own bike much and is now out of practice. Have to work on that now that it’s crisp and clear. the box bike is so much lighter without her.

  7. We missed you at the Cargo Bike Jamboree and the Independence (from oil) Day Ride, but we had fun, just the same. Photos of those rides, as well as a few of the Dead Baby Downhill (always a blast) here: Pictures of the recent Posse’s on Broadway ride soon to come! We live in the Pacific Northwest; the weather is not the boss of us!

  8. Stand Up Paddle board on the xtra cycle? eesh…and I thought doing 45mph downhill with 200cm old school tele skis was awkward. Thanks for putting that together. Was nice to see Pete kicking back on the back of the bike and think about the day T will be able to keep pace. He was heavy heading home after soccer practice today.

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