Take the July Walk Bike Ride Challenge

To encourage Seattle residents to leave their stinky cars at home on occasion, the city is continuing its Walk Bike Ride campaign with a July Walk Bike Ride Challenge.

Starting July 4th and continuing through July 31st, Seattleites are invited to take the challenge.

  • Simply replace two car trips a week with walking, biking or taking transit
  • keep track your trips
  • record them
  • and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win some fabulous prizes

The prizes include an electric bike, a $250 REI gift certificate and a $175 Zipcar package

All of the details are here.

If you’ve already embraced leaving your car at home and you don’t make two car trips a week, you can enter the Thank You Drawing (currently a quarterly drawing for an iPhone).

It’s summer, go ahead and give it a try!

– Anne

One response to “Take the July Walk Bike Ride Challenge

  1. too bad if you already bike to work you’re only eligible for the thank you drawing

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