Fiets of Parenthood…the Report

Thank goodness Todd shot this great video of Tim and the 7-year-old on their 3-lap parent/child run at fiets of parenthood. Otherwise we would have no record of the boy tripping over the tape, and Tim would probably still think it was his fault and feel guilty for causing his kid to fall down and get a scrape. Despite the fall, the Carfreedays boys still managed to eek out a top 5 finish.

We’re all still basking in the glow of the wonderful event (as well as slathering aloe on our sunburns). The parent race rocked, the kids loved decorating their bikes with all of the lovely accouterments and we all chowed down on juice bars and yummy skewers. Plus we experienced it all under beautiful NW sunny skies.fiets of parenthood PDX

Thanks to Sarah Gilbert for organizing and Clever Cycles for hosting. We were super impressed with the event!

And since we’re from Seattle, we were blissfully unaware of all of the other Pedalpalooza events we missed and could have been participating in while we were at FoP. (With the exception of the naked ride we happened upon on our way to linner…there was no missing that ride as we they passed through while we waited at the light. For the record, we’re not afraid of naked people…the kids thought all the butts were oh so funny. fiets of parenthood PDX

An extra special bonus: hanging and riding and eating and drinking with our Totcycle friends.  We’re glad the Seattle contingent was able to represent. We should also mention that their dueling Bromptons rule. While we lugged and loaded and unloaded and strapped and unstrapped our pair of Xtracycles and kid bikes all weekend, they showed us how it was done, Brompton sytle. And let me just say Brompton style is pretty sweet. Team Totcycle

For more fiets of parenthood coverage, check out Sarah’s ride report over at Bike Portland, Todd’s report and the rest of our photos here.

We’re all looking forward to the Seattle event this summer!

– Anne and Tim

9 responses to “Fiets of Parenthood…the Report

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  2. Agreed. A great time. ‘cept Anne neglected to toot her own horn — she won the whole shebang!

  3. Congratulations to all of you. Glad you had fun!

  4. Anne, you won the “whole Shebang”? Girl you ROCK!! Tim and Anne how come you guys have all the fun?

    • Hey Marge – I owe the victory to my daughter..I think riding side saddle and being able to mount and dismount quickly made the difference. We had a great time!

      We’re all about fun – that’s why we ride.

  5. That really looks like a blast. All those parenting fiets in one place. Very inspiring.

    So did the “Flower Growler” trophy come with any kind of beverage filling coupon or anything?

    • Yes, it was great. It was fun to see all the different kid toting machines. The flower growler did not come with a coupon, but we know where to get it filled!

  6. I’m still literally and figuratively glowing after this weekend … gorgeous weather, the sweetest collection of family rides ever assembled (in my presence, at least), and great great company. My only regret was not filling that growler at the distillery.

    Carfreedays brought the ruckus to that race, and their ladies won with style to spare. I have some video from their race that I’ll try to clean up, but it not as nice as Todd’s action cam clip above.

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