Car Free Days Votes for Bikes

We miss election day. Most of you probably voted weeks ago and we’re just getting around to opening our ballots. It’s not the same since Washington went to an all-mail system.

So it’s probably not to going to help most of you that we’re putting in a last minute endorsement in our otherwise a apolitical blog for Mayoral Candidate Mike “bikes” McGinn.

As you expect, our pro-bike support of the pro-bike candidate is pretty  obvious.  Joe Mallahan also makes it an easy choice for a family who takes their voting seriously. Even if Mallahan didn’t promise to run the city like a phone company, he’d still fall short with us for his personal voting track record.

The fact that he’s missed 13 (thirteen!) elections since 2001 means we won’t be sending any hanging chads in his direction (Susan Hutchison, by the way has fared poorly, missing eight in the same time period).

You may have different hot-buttons and may make other election choices; that’s OK with us at Car Free Days..  Just whatever you do, don’t be like Joe and Susan. Vote. Make your voice heard.


2 responses to “Car Free Days Votes for Bikes

  1. Done, and glad I did. It’s a squeaker!

  2. Looks like we ended up with a very pro bike slate (Mayor and council). Should be an interesting (positive!) couple of years for Seattle bike advocates.

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