Riding, Pedaling, Everyday Cycling, What do you call it?

The girls' bikes
Awhile back, Tori over at Gracie’s Wrench asked for suggestions for a new term to describe cycling as transportation or everyday cycling. “Commuting” usually refers to going to and from work. “Riding” usually refers to sport riding.  What do you call everyday cycling? I read all the comments to her post, and quite frankly, none of the terms really spoke to me. Not in the same way “commuting” does.

I’m looking for a good one (maybe two) word term to describe using a bike to go to the store or to get coffee or out to dinner.

Does anyone have a good one?

– Anne

36 responses to “Riding, Pedaling, Everyday Cycling, What do you call it?

  1. I have often pondered this myself – great question/topic! Mostly I tend to find myself saying I am “riding” (to the market, to the pool, etc.). I also find myself saying “errand riding” for those trips to the bank, post office, dentist, etc. I like “utility cycling”, although it’s probably still more of a mouthful than I will use.

    The most recent term under debate in this house involved the term for hauling kayak by Xtracycle. I called it bikayaking. Family decided biyaking was the better choice, and I guess I agree. 🙂

  2. Don in Edmonds

    When I talk about getting someplace on a bike, I say pedal. “I pedaled to the library.”

  3. Hm. I think the only time I say “biking” is when I’m referring to a ride that’s for its own sake. Otherwise, I’m going to work (or riding to work I suppose), going to the store, picking up the kids, etc.

    The funny thing is, though, that “riding” in a strict sense probably describes being in a car better, and “driving” makes more sense for vehicles you power yourself, dudn’it?

  4. I call it “going by bike” and people *do* seem to make the connection between my overall bliss and the cycling habit and how it becomes a lifestyle… but boy, would I like to find a way to really convey that they are *not* powerless and could find it themselves. Since I don’t have a car people know I’m getting places by the bike, but sometimes still say “you rode the bike today?”

  5. Its sounds great when I read about how some countries appreciate cycling. Here in Uganda there is even no provision in planning for Non Motorised Trasport means. I wish our transport planners can appreciate a policy on NMT use especially cycling. We would do alot in environmental protection especially in the fight agaist global warming

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