SXSW Adventures: Large Guy, Small Bike

large-guy-small-bikeI went to the South by Southwest  Interactive festival (SXSWi) in Austin last weekend for work. While there I was lucky enough to score a loaner bike from our friends at the great Austin bike blog/magazine: Austin on Two Wheels.

Oh, and this wasn’t just any beater… it’s was a sweet Azor Transport all the way from Holland (via our pals Dutch Bike Seattle—small world)! Anyway, as you can tell from the reflective Panda snapshot, the bike was a tad small, but that sure didn’t stop me from having an excellent time riding it all over Austin (side note: how freakin’ cool is the Internet when other bloggers loan you their very own bike, just ’cause you’re a fellow bike-life blogger and long-bike rider?).

Though I was totally there for work, I also managed to squeeze in time for the Bike Hugger Mobile Social Ride and BBQ, and even went to a great after party at Lance Armstrong’s Mellow Johnny’s bike shop. Speaking of the party:  where else would you see half naked, heavily tattooed fixie kids dancing up a techno storm under a priceless gold Madone (I think this was his ride into Paris for TdF #7). Good times…

In honor of Austin, this weekend I plan to BBQ and work on bikes with the family. I also hope to squeeze in a couple hours to  follow up with more bike-flavored goodness from the trip (blog post, photos, and at least one video of above mentioned party). Keep your eyes peeled.

For now, thanks for the hospitality go out to: Elliot and Marcus from Austin on Two Wheels, Byron @BikeHugger, Mellow Johnny’s, the crew from Ibex, and probably a few other fine folks that all the free beer made me forget.


3 responses to “SXSW Adventures: Large Guy, Small Bike

  1. Fun! How did the Transport compare to the Oma? Was it much lighter?

    So, next time I’m in Seattle… 🙂

  2. Hi Dottie — I haven’t ridden Anne’s Oma that much (though I think it was about the same size as the Transport…), but I’d say it’s a bunch lighter, a little faster and a little sportier — however you do give up that ride-over-anything, bullet-proof limo feel in the process.

    One comparison — my xtracycle felt really sluggish when I went back to work after the transport riding. In comparison, Anne normally says her xtracyle feels a little sportier than the Oma (hmmm… I hope I don’t have that backwards).

    And the next time you are in Seattle…. Yes. 🙂

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