Trader Joe’s

via YouTube from carlsfinefilms

Tim and I often profess our love for Trader Joe’s on this blog. We mostly enjoy talking about how much we spend there and how much of that overspending we can fit on our bikes. I’d say I’m not quite a number 2, but almost. I really do love my family a lot so I can’t say I love Trader Joe’s more.

I did chuckle a few times while watching the video. Most of the reasons in the catchy jingle do it for me.

But the one I don’t have to worry about is, “It’s the cars that don’t fit in the parking lot”

The U District Trader Joe’s has plenty of bike parking right out front. There’s always an open rack spot when I roll up. And I get to listen to the guy playing violin while I lock up my bike. All in all a pleasant shopping experience.

– Anne

btw – for those of you who are getting sick of me and miss Tim’s perspective, he promises he’ll post soon.  ; – )

10 responses to “Trader Joe’s

  1. This summer, when gas prices were so high and the weather was so beautiful, the bike racks at our local grocery store were crammed with bikes! (That’d be the Concordia New Seasons for anyone familiar with Portland). I griped half-heartedly, but really it was amazing to pull up to the store and see the employee cage full, the main rack full, the ones of the side of the street full, and bikes locked to every nearby sign post. There’s plenty of space now, but I miss the company.

  2. ok, i liked you guys before, but now i abso-freakin-lutely LOVE you. this. is. awesome.

  3. o, wait, you guys didn’t make this. whatever. i’m easy.

  4. Todd – I guess I didn’t properly attribute the video in the post, sorry for the confusion. (fixed now).

    No, we did not make the video, neither of us is that creative or talented. I loved it too… : )

  5. back story, historic TJs bike loads:

    i’m not *too* disappointed you didn’t make the video. i did love your reader girls post too, and pretty much all the rest besides

  6. What a nice little ditty to usher in the new TJ’s in Ballard, right on my bike commute, opening March 6th!!! Get ready for some TJs grocery load porn of our own …

    I should be disappointed to learn that TJ’s is part of a huge teutonic discount conglomerate. But I’m not.

    Off-topic PS: Anne … Tim said you’d thought about bringing Kidical Mass to Seattle. I’ve been hoping to do some of that too, starting this spring/summer. Still interested?

    Ballard Library Park to Gasworks could be a fun run, down old Ballard, onto the BG trail, on the street in Fremont, back onto the trail to Gasworks, with treats and jr cyclocross or other goofy events?

    Getting Dutch Bike Seattle & the ABR crew, plus our own motley assortment of bikes & seats, to come along for demos of family rides?

  7. Julian – I too am looking forward to the new TJs in Ballard. Maybe the shelves at the U District one won’t get depleted so fast. Probably not, but a girl can hope.

    I’d love to chat more about Kidical Mass in the spring. Shoot me an email.

  8. Ha, I love it! I stop to consider so much shit day to day, and I don’t recall ever thinking about how stupid it is to buy apples in a plastic box. I always got stuck on Fiji water or broccoli from Timbuktu.

  9. Hi Annie! I love this one! I always told my mom I wouldn’t move back to Chicago until they had TJs, and well . . . . it looks like that excuse won’t work anymore.

  10. i just don’t like the homeless people begging for money.

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