Last Day of School

Last Day of School 2008

We met a group of kids and parents for donuts this morning for our last ride to school event of 2008. We had a pretty good turn out considering yesterday’s sun was long gone and the Seattle mist had returned. There’s nothing like sending your kid off to school with a nutritious breakfast in their belly.

Last Day of School 2008

I have a great feeling that the momentum of biking to school is going to continue to grow next year. Maybe we can get even more parents and kids riding to school on a regular basis. I’ll have two kids in elementary school next year and I’m sure we’ll be riding regularly.

How about you?

Happy Summer!

– Anne

8 responses to “Last Day of School

  1. Nice. Bike and Donuts. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

  2. God, what an inspiring photo of all those kids revved up and ready to ride — I haven’t seen a group of kids that large riding to school since I was a kid, and that was a l-o-n-g time ago.

    I am going to have to try to organize something like this at my son’s new school — any tips/tricks/insight to help me do this?

  3. Anne is that you on the far left? what an inspiring photo. because of YOUR inspiration,
    Ron and I have not fueled our tank since June 1st. always cycling for more car free days, your friend, Marge

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog =)
    What an environmentally friendly activity to introduce to those young kids! Excellent stuff! It’s great to see people like yourself promoting good practices like this =)

  5. Ghost Rider

    It all started with Bike to School Month that was sponsored by Cascade Bicycle Club. I think the prizes they offered (bike bells, spoke sliders) motivated a lot of the kids. But just seeing other kids and parents riding motivated many. I’m going to check into Safe Routes to School for the fall. I want to keep it going year round.

    Marge – No, that isn’t me on the left – I took the picture. I’m glad you’re inspired and are out there riding. Good for you for staying away from the gas station! Way to go.

  6. Thanks, Anne. One of my partners over at is a participant in the Safe Routes to School program…I need to read up on it and see how I can implement something locally.

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