The Bike Rack Dance

This bike rack makes us laugh. It’s really old and rusty and it’s not bolted to anything. Very effective!

I only shop at this Safeway when I’m feeling lazy: it’s at the top of the hill so I can cruise down the hill on my grocery-laden bike for a change. 

The other day the five year old did an impromptu dance on the rusty-non-bolted rack. He was really loving the music he created. The fake burp at the end of the video is the best – you gotta love five-year-old boys.

 – Anne

2 responses to “The Bike Rack Dance

  1. Priceless!
    An impromptu naturally forming musical comedy! That’s cool and only the result of a happy childhood.

  2. The fact that it’s not bolted down does not prevent it from being an effective lockup. It’s a giant pain in the ass to load up a bike and bike rack in your thiefmobile to transport it to your lair. I’ve tried…

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