Sproing! Spring has sprung


After weeks of cold weather, rain and even some snow, winter finally let go and gave us some warmer days, spring finally arrived in Seattle, perfectly timed for the Seattle School District’s Spring Break. It’s been a good week; we’ve spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful sunny days, on the bike and off. There’s something lovely about this time of the year—the sun is still relatively low so the light is really nice and everything is green.  Late frosts this year have messed with our schedule but the warmer days finally conviced the kids and I it was time to prepare the beds and plant the garden.

Years ago, before we had kids, Tim and I replaced our front lawn with a “crop circle” (as our friends fondly referred to it). Tim built a brick circle with four raised triangular beds and paths in between. He also built a lovely bamboo and copper structure in the middle for growing beans and peas.

The kids first became interested in being in the garden with us, then gradually interested in gardening; we gave up some our own space and rewarded each of them with their own wedge to use however ever they wanted. Our seven-year-old crammed every flower she could fit in hers. Her space is completely overplanted but she couldn’t say no to any plants; who were we to say no to her? Our-youngest also has a garden wedge— for the past few years he’s kept it well turned with trucks, shovels, and other digging implements. He calls it his “digging spot” and has had so much fun getting muddy and digging for the past three years.  This year he’s decided he wants to grow more than trucks in his garden; we worked together transferring his trucks to the backyard (trucks don’t mind shade) and planting flowers and veggies out front in the wedge.

Spring break has also meant a serious amount of nice-weather riding on the Xtracycles, too. Though it seems like it’s been plenty of uphill and down with little flat in the mix. What a workout!

With the seven-year-old in school full time, I usually only ride short distances with both kids these days. Thankfully I can get most of my errands done between 9 and 3. One kid on the Snapdeck rides great; I can hardly tell the four-year-old is back there.

But add another 60 pounds of child and I can’t but help notice my speed plummeting. It’s still doable—and way better than driving— but as soon as Todd gets the Stokemoney back on the market, I think I’m going to be #565 on the waiting list. In the meantime, I think I’ll experiment with load balancing, possibly putting the heavier seven-year-old behind me and her brother on the back. Any other techniques you think might work?

Happy Spring!

 – Anne

4 responses to “Sproing! Spring has sprung

  1. And then today…. it rains. Classic Seattle.

  2. Great to hear the kids like being in the garden. I doubt human beings have totally adapted to a life indoors. Your garden sounds wonderful.
    I’ve found a great gardening site that helps you keep an online log of your garden.
    See the URL below for a link to Myfolia page. You or your readers might be interested in signing up and starting their own.


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