Xtracycle Date Night

Night Riding - Date Night2
Tim and I mixed it up a little bit on Friday night and rode up to Capitol Hill for dinner. It was the perfect ending to a great week in Seattle. We’ve had beautiful weather all week – lots of sun, warmer nights, no rain. We couldn’t ask for anything better in February.

Friday night was our first Xtracycle date to Capitol Hill. Before Friday, we had only braved the looking-for-parking-for-30 minutes-Capitol Hill. Riding up there is way better. As we rode up Pine Street from downtown, I noticed most of the bike racks were full. We did manage to find an open bike rack across from the restaurant but more are definitely needed up there. My sister met us at Quinn’s – a fairly new “gastropub” on 10th and Pike. We enjoyed a great meal, tasty beers and great conversation. All in all a very pleasant evening.

After dinner, I made my sister take a ride on the snapdeck back to her car. She only parked a block from the restaurant, not far to walk, but I never pass up an opportunity to give someone a ride. Giving my sister a rideI’m also trying to convince Tim’s 81 year old mom to take a ride. I’ll make sure I have my camera if she ever takes me up on it.

We enjoyed a nice downhill cruise back home. All in all a great evening.

– Anne

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