Only in a big city?



I saw this on Copenhagen Cycle Chic yesterday and it made me smile. It reminds me of many moms in my life (mine at times, my French host mom, as well as several other older mom types). Maybe the next time the ladies go to lunch, they could go by bike? Only in a big city? Could it happen in Seattle? Ever seen someone like this in your city? Hmmmm.

– Anne

2 responses to “Only in a big city?

  1. Lots of times (although usually there is a helmet and some panniers.)

    I recall seeing a somewhat aged couple mountain biking in Tildan Park some years back. It’s mostly fireroad, but they were doing it. Total inspiration for me. I’m planning to ride right on into the grave, no matter how soon that comes…

  2. We are definitely the same age, although I have never looked that glamorous while cycling. : )

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