Now *That’s* a Rack

Airgo Rack at Cycleliciousness, the Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog

The Northern European-style lovefest continues here at Car Free Days. This time we’re ga-ga over a lowly bike rack blogged by Cycleliciousness, those Copenhagen Bike Culture bellwethers.

I’ve posted before on our shortage of good racks, and about the Seattle Department of Transportation’s rack request program. And while the program is admirable in scope, the aesthetics (and in some cases, security) of the designs leave something to be desired.

But this 2006 Dutch design winner (either known as the Airago or the Heklucht– feel free to correct me) squashes those issues by bridging urban art, emergency functionality for passing commuters and safe locking space for neighborhood velos.

heklucht at Flickr

I’m sure someone else can point out how the racks are cost-prohibitive (though if we are looking at cost per use, then our beloved cars, ferries, SLUT and the Sounder train would be off the table) or how they’ll require much maintenance in our rainy climes; or even how they’d be a liability issue because someone might stick the hose somewhere it doesn’t belong.

But this time I am not the cynic. I love it!

Since we can’t seem to solve all (any?) of our bike infrastructure problems with any speed, I’d be up for some token public spending on some only moderately practical, but very nice looking bike racks. Personally, I think they’d look mighty swell as the official rack for Paul Allen’s South Lake Union pet project (and as an added bonus: I could use them on my daily commute).

So, how about it Mr. Mayor?


4 responses to “Now *That’s* a Rack

  1. Ditto… I like it.
    Imagine cycle stations all over town and along side the various junk food vending machines one that supplies inner tubes and various other emergency stuff for cyclists. Imagine how much more convenient cycling would become.


  2. As long as they can be installed in locations like this: I’m all for it. There is little enough space on the sidewalks already, and we really need to make the point that bikes are a proper part of the transportation mix in an obvious way. If twelve bikes park in one on street space, the block gains eleven spaces – everyone wins.

  3. Val – Thanks for link. I requested a bike rack from the city today and I forwarded along this link. I asked if Seattle had considered that type of bike parking. We’ll see if they respond and what they say.

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