New Year’s Day ride update

Cargo Riding down to Golden Gardens past the Locks

We had a great time riding to Golden Gardens today. The weather was great – (it didn’t rain), the pace was slow and the company enjoyable. We even witnessed some Christmas tree burning in the fire pits on the beach (yes, they really do burst into flames) as well as some hardy folks doing New Year’s Day polar bear swims in Puget Sound – Brrrrrrrrr.

Great way to start the New Year.

More photos here

– Anne

4 responses to “New Year’s Day ride update

  1. Terrific ride! Excellent to see you folks ( and everyone else), and the perfect way to start the year. Keep it up!

  2. How remiss of me – I forgot to thank you for all the wonderful pictures. Many thanks!

  3. Hey Tim,

    Apologies for not getting introduced more formally, although I know we (J. and I) spoke to yous (you and your fam). Thanks for the photos! Maybe J. will get a chance to play with your kids on a future cargo bike ride.

  4. Val (and Aaron and all the cargo bike powers that be) — thanks for another great ride. We had a great time.

    Dave — it was good “sort of” meeting you. Too bad you couldn’t stay with the ride all the way to Golden Gardens, but I understand the power of a cold kid! We’ll have to do real introductions next time.

    The kids would have had a great time playing — somehow the herd of cargo bikes grabbed the picnic shelter right next to the park play area which meant a good hour or two of swinging, while we ate clam chowder and enjoyed various spiked, I mean spiced, (actually a little of both) warm beverages.

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