Buy Nothing Day

For the past few years, Tim and I have silently observed Buy Nothing Day. I was very excited to read of an event (via Bike Hugger) encouraging active participation. Aarons Bicycle Repair, Seattle’s leading Xtracycle dealer, is leading a HOT STUFF Cargo Bike Ride to remind us all to get out of stores and onto our bikes.

I know we won’t be seeing Tim’s shopaholic sister there, but how about you? Does your city have an event? Tell us about it!

– Anne

3 responses to “Buy Nothing Day

  1. I’m planning on being there. (although I don’t have an extracycle or cargo bike) thankfully Val responded at the “Bike Hugger” blog, so now I know it starts at the Pike Place Market pig at noon! see you there!

  2. Right on, Marge — Aaron has also updated his page so there’s a little more detail up there, too.

    All bikes welcome, cargo or not!

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