What’s your Walk Score?

walkscore, inspired by sightline inst.

Enter your address and get your Walk Score. Ours is 74 – which is why getting around by bike and foot is a no brainer for us. We have a handful of grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants that are an easy walk or bike ride away. We also have parks, a library and community center which are close as well. Our kids go to local schools so their friends live in the neighborhood. That’s the main reason we bought our house – it’s easy to walk just about anywhere we want to go.

One of our parenting philosophies is to choose activities for the kids that are close enough to walk or ride to. I’m not interested in being a taxi service – driving kids all over town to go to karate, ballet (insert activity here). If the kids want to participate in an activity – it has to be in the neighborhood. So far it has worked for us – they don’t like riding in cars any more than we like driving them so we’re all happy.


5 responses to “What’s your Walk Score?

  1. Just found your blog, and I’m catching up on the archives. I had to laugh when I put my address into the Walk Score form – mine was a 5! I did, however, go to the post office on my bike yesterday – approx. 4.5 mi round trip. And that’s one of the closest places!

    Caroline – in the wilderness of New Hampshire!

  2. Caroline – It definitely makes things more difficult when you live in a rural area. Good for you for riding to the post office!

  3. I also just found this site, even later than Caroline. I put my score in and it was depressing…8. My house isn’t even rural. I’m not a big fan of the area I live in and hope to move soon, maybe I can improve that score (and get to a more bike friendly area).

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  5. I just found your blog and am loving it. We are seriously considering buying a yuba mundo. My young daughter cant manage the walk to school, so the yuba will fix that. I knew my walk score would be good. It’s 85! I do walk a lot. But most people in my area drive and if they can’t get a park directly in front of the shop they want, they circle the block until a park is free. Very lazy.

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