How many passengers can you fit on your xtracycle?

The folks at Bike Hugger ask “What do you use your SUB for.” Our main uses are mega Trader Joes’ runs and hauling kids around instead of driving. We’re up to three youngins’ and one adult at one time. With two Xtras in the fleet that gives us a capacity of 8. That’s Chevy Suburban territory!

We’re not going to do any long rides like this but it does work for quick, carbon- and traffic- free play date transportation.

three apples up on top

(yes, Mom was not happy with the standing boy. That kind of throws off the balance!)


One response to “How many passengers can you fit on your xtracycle?

  1. At Burning Man this year I had the first surfers on my Xtracycle deck (not including my son who rides in a Peapod: this doesn’t really count as riding the snapdeck!) and though it was a little unnerving at first, the better surfers actually helped me: one in particular would run and jump mount right onto the deck and when he dismounted (which he did a few times to talk to someone spontaneously) he would give me an extra “boost” of forward motion. His balance got better and better the farther we went and I was eventually able to swerve around things and ride normally (like he wasn’t there). I HAVEN’T ridden with two seated children and one standing, so I can understand that this is probably a bit more disconcerting! Good on ya for packing em in!

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