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Tree Haulin’

You’ve probably seen about a zillion Christmas-Trees-on-Xtracycle photos already this year. I mean, everybody is doin’ it. Said photos are usually cute and harmless and kind of fun to look at. For our sake, let’s hope that’s true because the … Continue reading

Teen Bike Rejection Syndrome

Let me start by admitting two things: Of the many parenting issues I’ll likely face in my lifetime, this one is minor This issue definitely falls into the ‘first-world-problem’ category Even though this issue seems trivial in the grand scheme of … Continue reading

Light Up Your Bike with Battery-Powered-Holiday-Lights

Tree-hauling preparations started last week with a search for LED-battery-powered-holiday-bike lights. We love using these festive lights in the winter, not just to spread holiday cheer, but also for safety, they provide excellent side visibility! They come in all shapes … Continue reading

Happy New Year (and top ten list)

All of us at Car Free Days would like to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope for   all the best in 2012. And while we’re not big on resolutions, we do like stats and top 10 lists. … Continue reading

SUP, Finding Solitude in Nation’s Fastest Growing City

If you follow me or Tim on Instagram, (@annesavvy & @carfreedays), you might have noticed more SUP, or stand up paddle boarding photos this past year. Tim got his first board in 2011 and I joined him last spring. Why … Continue reading

10 days, 3 Bikes, 2 Adults, 2 Kids: A Family Bike Adventure

Note: the following is the initial account of our summer family bike tour. If we were good bloggers we would have shared with you along the way. But instead we chose to be good bike tourists and (mostly) disconnect. And … Continue reading

Val’s Memorial Ride and Wake (Labor Day cargo bike ride)

As many of you know, Val Kleitz was a driving force for the Seattle holiday cargo bike rides. For us, he was the spirit of cargo bikes in general. So it’s quite fitting that this year’s Labor Day cargo ride … Continue reading

It’s not you, it’s me

This is our fourth post in our summer transitions series, How to transition kids from being cargo to riding their own bikes. Sometimes parents use their kids as excuses when they (the parents) don’t want to do something.  Come on, … Continue reading

Transitions: Am I ready for my kid to ride?

Our summer series about transitioning kids from being cargo hauled by parents to pedaling on their own power was born a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about luring parents back to bikes to get more kids riding. I … Continue reading

Kona Ute: Poor Choices at a Good Price

Garrish on Bikes, Mostly wrote a Kona-Ute post about a photo I took at the NAHBS last month. My photo showed a wooden snapdeck and sideloader-like bag combo on a Ute. Garrish and readers wondered a) if it was homemade—it … Continue reading