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Is “Liking” Riding & Walking Good Enough?

This week everyone is talking about the Danish study linking walking and biking to school with better concentration.  Kids + walking/biking + education = hot topic, right? The story has legs and is making the rounds on Twitter,  Facebook, blogs, and news … Continue reading

Why We Ride: Thoughts on Motivation

Let’s talk about motivation. What drives you to ride your bike or walk? Why on earth — especially during these sodden, cold winter days — do you commute via bike or feet over a warm, dry car? A little housekeeping … Continue reading

Lies we Tell our Children (or how to get kids to go bike touring)

When Tim and I recount family bike adventures to friends and strangers, a typical response is, “What do the kids think”? “Do they like bike touring?” If we were being completely honest, we’d reply, “of course not”. You’ll soon ascertain that we have … Continue reading

Bike Radio: Families on Bikes

A couple of weeks ago the ten-year-old and I  had the immense pleasure of riding with and being interviewed by Benji Perrin for the Bike Commute (part of KBCS One World Report). The Bike Commute: brings us interviews on wheels…bike wheels. Producer … Continue reading

The Bike Fairy says “Bike to School, Kids”

May is officially Bike month. For most riders, that means Bike to Work month. But as you’d expect from a blog that focuses on family cycling, we like to remind folks that it’s also Bike to School Month! Despite unseasonably … Continue reading

Promoting Walk – Bike – Ride, in the Seattle Style

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn unveiled a multi-year Walk, Bike, Ride campaign yesterday at the Beacon Hill light rail station. Initial reaction locally was mostly lukewarm, with many observers pointing to the plan’s lack of funding as a major obstacle to … Continue reading

Change your World, a night with Alex Steffen

A few weeks ago Tim and I attended a highly inspiring talk by Alex Steffen at Town Hall. We had hoped to go with  Julian of Totcycle (family bike folks represent!), but that fell through. For Julian and others who … Continue reading

Everybody talks about the weather but no one…

It was raining so hard when I got up Wed. morning I didn’t ride my bike to work. Don’t worry, I still got there on the Xtracycle, but like most days, I found it made more sense to take my … Continue reading

Car Free Days is Clinging to a Bikey Summer

It feels like Summer is fading around here. Quickly. Maybe it’s the way it changed from tank-top weather to sweater weather in about two hours this afternoon. Or maybe it’s the way I’ve decided that lights are now a prudent … Continue reading

Used Bike Inflation?

This Freakonomics piece made me chuckle. I’m pretty sure we’ve visited a couple of those used bike shops in Portland and were shocked by the prices as well. In our quest to get more people to use bikes as transportation, … Continue reading