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Tree Haulin’

You’ve probably seen about a zillion Christmas-Trees-on-Xtracycle photos already this year. I mean, everybody is doin’ it. Said photos are usually cute and harmless and kind of fun to look at. For our sake, let’s hope that’s true because the … Continue reading

SUP, Finding Solitude in Nation’s Fastest Growing City

If you follow me or Tim on Instagram, (@annesavvy & @carfreedays), you might have noticed more SUP, or stand up paddle boarding photos this past year. Tim got his first board in 2011 and I joined him last spring. Why … Continue reading

Teen Bike Rejection Syndrome

Let me start by admitting two things: Of the many parenting issues I’ll likely face in my lifetime, this one is minor This issue definitely falls into the ‘first-world-problem’ category Even though this issue seems trivial in the grand scheme of … Continue reading

This just in: January 1 Cargo Bike Ride is on!

We just received word from the Grand Pallet of Cargo Bikes, Val. The traditional Seattle Cargo Bike Opening Day Ride is a go: Yep, this has to be the shortest notice ever, but it’s on for 1/1/09. Meet at noon … Continue reading

Kona Ute: Poor Choices at a Good Price

Garrish on Bikes, Mostly wrote a Kona-Ute post about a photo I took at the NAHBS last month. My photo showed a wooden snapdeck and sideloader-like bag combo on a Ute. Garrish and readers wondered a) if it was homemade—it … Continue reading

New Year’s Day ride update

We had a great time riding to Golden Gardens today. The weather was great – (it didn’t rain), the pace was slow and the company enjoyable. We even witnessed some Christmas tree burning in the fire pits on the beach … Continue reading