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Brompton: Take it in? Or lock it up?

Tim and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to Bromptons. When he rides the Brompton, Tim forgoes toting around a heavy U lock and frequently chooses to take the bike with him when he arrives at his … Continue reading

Brompton: It’s a Utility Bike

It’s been a year since we bought our matching yellow Bromptons. Of all the bikes in our fleet, our Bromptons garner the most notice. Why? Obviously because of the tiny fold. And because they’re matching. And lemon-yellow. And we’re both … Continue reading

Little Green Bike (Brompton rocks a hilly Italian commute + doing better here)

As Anne mentioned recently, we’ve been loving the Bromptons and the role they’ve helped play in letting us live car-light. Beyond the expanded Zipcar range, or the fact that a gorilla-sized dad and his 9-year-old daughter can ride the same … Continue reading

What Free Days (Part 2)

You’re really going to need coffee for this one, get it now before you start. In Part One of What Free Days,  we talked about the (editor: ugly, fat, smelly, comfortable, dry, cheap, and easy) car in our driveway, non-subsidized … Continue reading

What Free Days?

Yes, this blog is titled Car Free DAYS, with the emphasis (originally, now, and always) on the DAYS part. That’s how it was from the beginning, and though we went pretty heavy into the car-free part for a while, the DAYS emphasis was always our intention.

Two years ago a very used, very depreciated, but in good-enough-condition-for-us car entered our family. If you’re snickering or thinking about offering advice and/or wisdom or mansplaining (editor: you’re dropping mansplaining on our dear readers? That’s ballsy!) the many reasons we failed and made the wrong choice, skip it. We’ve been through all the stages of car non-ownership grief. And we’re fine with it…. Continue reading

Teen Bike Rejection Syndrome

Let me start by admitting two things: Of the many parenting issues I’ll likely face in my lifetime, this one is minor This issue definitely falls into the ‘first-world-problem’ category Even though this issue seems trivial in the grand scheme of … Continue reading

4: Eureka, CA to San Francisco

Previous post Gold Beach to Eureka, CA Day 16: Eureka, CA to Richardson Grove State Park We got a slow start due to the comfy beds and bad hotel TV. The kids really relish down time in the hotel and … Continue reading

3: Gold Beach, OR to Eureka, CA

previous, Portland, OR to Gold Beach, OR Day 12: Gold Beach, OR to Crescent City, CA Hoping to make it to Crescent City for a hotel stay, we were happy that the winds blew us down the coast all day. We enjoyed … Continue reading

Get Kids to Talk: The Modern Equivalent of Trapping Them in the Car

Parenting fact: one-on-one time with kids is where all of the good dialogue happens. When I was in high school, my dad was well aware of this fact. I think that’s why he’d bribe me with rides to school in … Continue reading

Lies we Tell our Children (or how to get kids to go bike touring)

When Tim and I recount family bike adventures to friends and strangers, a typical response is, “What do the kids think”? “Do they like bike touring?” If we were being completely honest, we’d reply, “of course not”. You’ll soon ascertain that we have … Continue reading